Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions general conditions of sale

1. Introduction

2. Products

3. Prices

4. Promotions

5. Recording

6. Purchase mode

7. Conclusion of the contract

8. Method of payment

9. Shipping and taxes
10. Shipment and Delivery

11. Shipping Number

12. Returns, cancellation of orders and right of withdrawal

13. Liability for defects

14. Errors and inaccuracies

15. Guarantee of Authenticity

16. Modification of the general conditions

17. Contacts
8. Sizes

1 – Introduction

The company LAVORAZIONI ARTIGIANA MARCHE SRL Unipersonale, with registered office in Via Po N. 6/A, 63900 Fermo – Campiglione area – (FM) Italy, P. IVA 09979301000, REA N. FM189413 – N. AIA FM70056 (hereinafter “LAM”) is the owner of the brands Francesconi, Massimo Villore, Lavorazioni Artigiana Marche, which sells and distributes through authorized dealers and through the Internet site www.francesconishoes.com (hereinafter “site”), of which it is owner. These general conditions of sale (hereinafter the general Conditions) govern the purchase of LAM products (hereinafter Products), carried out at a distance via telematic means via the site. These purchases are reserved for the users of the site, natural persons older than 18 years, who intend to make use of the sales services of the products (hereinafter customers). The customer is required to inform and to view these general conditions before completing the purchase on the site. This information, in fact, is to be understood as read, understood and accepted in full by the customer when making a purchase order.
The customer must therefore abide by these general conditions and consider LAM dispensed with any conditions other than those in force not agreed in advance in writing.
The products available on the site for online purchase are footwear and fashion accessories.
All products are subject to the availability of the moment. LAM reserves the right to change at any time the limits to the quantity and/or type of merchandise purchased on the site.
The customer will be informed, by email, if his order is unexecuteable due to the non-availability of the ordered product.
The prices of the products are expressed on the site in € (Euro) and are inclusive of VAT. In countries where the transaction is not subject to VAT, the price will be displayed net of taxes. The delivery costs are indicated and quantified considering the destination of the product.
LAM constantly verifies that all the prices indicated on the site are correct, even if it can not guarantee the absence of errors. In the event of an error in the price of a product, LAM will give the customer the opportunity to reconfirm the purchase of the products at the correct price or to cancel it.
LAM reserves the right to make special conditions of sale or promotions on the products on its website. The conditions applied to the promotions will be governed from time to time by LAM through special communications to its customers. As far as it is not regulated otherwise, these general conditions will be deemed applicable.
5 – Registration
To complete a purchase on the site you need to be registered. The procedure to register to the site requires to fill in a form in electronic format, whose fields must be filled with the personal data of the customer and its e-mail address. These data will be processed according to the current privacy policy. After the registration the customer will be the owner of a personal account to which he can access through his own username and password. The assignement of these credentials grants the customer an anonymous identification. It will be the customer’s care not to disclose their password to third parties for no reason. The customer will be held responsible for any irregular actions and behaviour and contrary to the regulations in force or with the present general conditions committed by anyone who uses the personal account in his stead. The customer is required to promptly notify LAM of any theft, loss or lost of the password, as well as any misuse by third parties of the account or its keyword that it has become aware of.
6-Purchasing Terms
The essential characteristics and prices of the products are given in the offer relating to each individual product on the site.The purchase process ends when the customer selects the appropriate final confirmation button of the order indicated as “complete order”. After the button selection ends order the customer validates the order, which will be sent to LAM. The content of the order can no longer be changed by the customer. Before confirming the customer you must declare that you have read and accepted the contribution for the delivery costs, as well as the general conditions, the Privacy policy and the conditions on the right of withdrawal. Orders can be made after registering and creating a personal account of the customer, as in previous paragraphs, following the steps and instructions specified on the site or by accessing the system with the checkout method. The customer is aware of being responsible for the correctness and truthfulness of all the data entered on the website and used during the purchase.
7 – Conclusion of the contract
The display of the products on the site does not constitute LAM’s contractual proposal, but a mere invitation to propose. After receiving the order from the customer, LAM will send a communication by e-mail to the address indicated by the customer, confirming the receipt of the order and specifying the details of the order itself (“Confirmation of receipt of the order”). Such confirmation of receipt of the order does not constitute acceptance of the order of the customer, but has the sole purpose of informing the customer that LAM correctly received the order. The purchase contract between the customer and LAM ends only when the courier notifies the customer by e-mail that the product has been shipped (“Confirmation of shipment”).
8-Method of payment
The customer may pay the price of the products and their delivery costs by:
– Paypal
– Bank transfer to: LAVORAZIONI ARTIGIANA MARCHE SRL Unipersonale
VIA PO 6/A – 63900 FERMO (FM) – Italy P. IVA 09979301000
Bank: CARIFERMO – Branch of Campiglione di Fermo (FM)
IBAN IT 72 P 06150 69454 CC0270053055
– Payment by Mark (only for deliveries in the national territory) with an additional charge of Euro 5.00.
LAM accepts payments made by credit card.
For the purpose of payment by credit card, the customer confirms and guarantees to be the holder of the credit card used for the purchase and the correctness of all the data relating to it, entered during the purchase, such as: the number, the expiration date and , if necessary, the security code.
The transaction will be charged to the customer only after: (i) the verification of the credit card data, (ii) the receipt of the debit authorization by the issuing company the credit card used by the customer and (iii) the confirmation of Availability of the product by LAM and in any case after the order is ready to be processed.
No charge will be made at the time of sending the order proposal.
9-Shipping and taxes
LAM delivers with the formula DDP (delivery Duty Paid) in the EU countries, then in these destinations the goods will arrive directly to the place indicated without having to incur additional shipping costs. For all other countries the formula DDU (delivery Duty unpaid) is used, so in case of duties and/or taxes required by the local authorities, the courier will also deliver a separate invoice with which it requires payment. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….
In the event that the shipping address of the goods is in a country belonging to the European Community, the goods are subject to VAT (22%); If the shipping address of the goods is in a country other than the European Community, under the of Art. 8, C. 1, read. A) – 21 – 23, D.P.R. No. 633/1972, the goods are not subject to VAT taxation. Any customs fees and taxes will be calculated and applied by the customs authorities.
10-Transport and delivery
For the delivery of your purchases, the customer can choose his or her own residence or domicile, the workplace, or the private address of a natural person of his choice. For security reasons no deliveries will be made to mailboxes and the order will not be processed. For issuing the receipt or invoice, the information provided by the customer at the time of the order is authentic. No change in invoice/receipt will be possible, after issuing it.
The delivery costs are at the customer’s expense and are clearly highlighted in the order form. They may vary by reason of the mode of shipment chosen and the place of destination of the products.
Purchases will be delivered by courier MBE MAIL BOXES ETC and sent on the business day following the date of completion of the order. Orders will be processed and delivered from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays and national holidays. LAM is not liable for unforeseeable delays, provided that, except in cases of force majeure, the products will be delivered within a maximum period of 14 (fourteen) days from the day following that in which the customer sent the order to LAM . For the delivery of the goods it is necessary the presence of the customer or of one of its appointees to the address of the recipient indicated in the order. At the time of delivery of the goods by The courier, the customer is obliged to check that the packaging is intact, not damaged, neither wet or otherwise altered, even in the closing materials. Any damage to the packaging and/or the product or the mismatch of the number of packages or indications must be immediately contested, affixing a reservation of control written on the delivery test of the courier. Once the courier document has been signed, the customer will not be able to oppose any dispute about the external characteristics of what has been delivered.
If it is not able to deliver the goods ordered as a result of the occurred unavailability, even temporary, of the products, LAM will promptly communicate to the customer, and in any case not more than 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the order, by e-mail. The amount already paid by the customer will be reimbursed as soon as possible, and not more than 30 (thirty) days after receipt of the purchase order.
11 – Tracking Number
The courier will send the customer a confirmation e-mail once the products have been shipped. In order to guarantee the safety of the delivery of the product, LAM will keep the shipment number of each delivery made.
12 – Returns, cancellation of orders and Right of withdrawal
LAM intends to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.
For the return, the customer must send a notice to the e-mail address spedizione@lavorazioniartigianamarche.it, containing:
-the indication of the product you want to make
-The motivation
-The order number
Then a communication will be sent by LAM through with detailed instructions to make the return.
LAM will reimburse the cost of products that are returned by the unused and undamaged customer, as well as accompanied by their invoice/receipt. The costs incurred by LAM for any customs clearance of the goods rendered will be reversed by the amount of reimbursement. Refunds will be made with the same payment method as for the purchase.
The goods purchased can be returned within a maximum of 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery. The delivery costs are not refundable. The delivery costs for the return of the products are borne by the customer; Any costs incurred by the customer for delivery will not be refundable. LAM reserves the right to refuse the return of those products which do not conform to the requirements of the preceding paragraph. LAM will undertake to reimburse the customer no later than 30 days from the date of return of the product. LAM will send an email notification once the refund has been made. Lam shall not be liable for reimbursement or compensation for those products returned which have not been received at the premises, for any reason or cause not attributable to Lam. According to art. 64 of Legislative Decree No. 206/2005, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without any penalty and without specifying the reason for it within the period of 14 (fourteen) that date of receipt of the products, except as provided in the following paragraphs .
To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer must send to the following e-mail address: spedizione@lavorazioniartigianamarche.it, a written communication, containing:
– The event of wanting to avail itself of the right of withdrawal in accordance with art. 64 of D. Lgs. 206/2005;
– The indication of the products for which the customer wishes to avail himself of the right of withdrawal;
– The sequence number issued at the time of purchase. The communication may always be sent within the abovementioned period of 14 (fourteen) days also by telegram or fax, provided that it is confirmed by registered letter with notice of receipt within the next 48 hours. If the customer wishes to modify or cancel the order submitted, he must send an e-mail to: spedizione@lavorazioniartigianamarche.it within 24 hours since it was made.
LAM will do everything possible to satisfy the customer’s request. However once the product has been shipped, the order will not be deleted or modified.
13-Liability for defects
Where the customer considers that the product is not in conformity with the contract or is suffering from vices, it must give prompt communication by sending an email to spedizione@lavorazioniartigianamarche.it, specifying the product object of dispute and the defects or differences found. The claimed product must be returned to LAM together with a hard copy of the mail sent for the dispute.
LAM will examine the disputed product and communicate by e-mail to the customer whether or not they are entitled to reimbursement of the price or the replacement of the product. Any reimbursement will cover the purchase price paid by the customer and any return charges to LAM. The refund or replacement will take place within 30 (thirty) days of the notice by email with which LAM communicates to the user who is entitled to a refund or replacement of the product. LAM is not responsible for defects in the products that have been caused by third party delivery.
LAM is not responsible for damages resulting from misuse of the product, alteration of the same, normal wear or negligence in the care of the product.
14 – Errors and inaccuracies
LAM aims to provide the site with constantly updated information.
However, it can not guarantees that the site is completely free of any errors. The site may contain typos, inaccuracies or omissions, some of which may refer to the price and availability of the product and the product information sheet.
LAM reserves the right to correct errors, inaccuracies or omissions even after an order has been sent and also reserves to change or update the information at any time without prior notice.
15 – Guarantee of authenticity
LAM guarantees the authenticity of all products purchased on the site. All intellectual property rights such as trademarks, service marks, form marks and copyrights are the exclusive property of LAM. No page or content of this site may be reproduced without prior written permission. All content published on the site www.francesconishoes.com, including texts, documents, logos, images, graphics, videos, their layout and their adaptations are subject to intellectual property and copyright laws. You may not copy, alter, translate, distribute, use, archive, publish on other sites such content without the prior written permission of LAM. Any content and contributions made by a third party are marked as such.
The downloading, viewing and printing of the contents of this website is only permitted for personal use and excludes the user from claiming any rights or claims on such material.
16-Modification of the general conditions
These general terms and conditions are governed by Italian law, including the consumer code and the e-Commerce Act referred to in Legislative Decree 9 April 2003, no 70. LAM reserves the right to modify these general conditions of sale at any time. Any changes, modifications, cancellations or additions will take effect immediately after they have been communicated through notes published on the website. Once given the communication any access and use of the services of LAM by the customer is to be understood as complete acceptance of the changes occurred. In the event that arise disputes concerning the interpretation and execution of these general conditions of sale between LAM and customers, such disputes are referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of the place of residence or Domicile of the consumer.
For further information and assistance on the website or online purchase mode, please contact us at the following e-mail address: spedizione@lavorazioniartigianamarche.it or at the address below:

Via Po 6/A – 63900 Fermo (Z.na Campiglione) – FM – Italy
P. IVA 09979301000
Tel + 39 0734 842656 – Fax + 39 0734 895790
Telephone contact time: from 9:00 to 12:00 – from 15:00 to 17:00
To find the correct number for your foot follow the instructions: wear a common sock;
When seated, measure the length of the foot from the heel to the thumb (as shown in the figure);
Use the underlying table to convert the length.
Note: If the measurement of your foot is very close to the upper limit indicated in the table below for each measurement, we recommend purchasing the product in the higher sizing. Also if your foot is wide-plant (or has a high neck), we recommend that you evaluate the purchase in the higher sizing.
1. Shoulders: Measure the width of the shoulders by sliding the centimeter at the two ends at the widest point
2. Bust: Measured on the chest from armpit to armpit, at the widest point
3. Waist: Measure your circumference to the height of the navel
1. Waist: Measure your circumference to the height of the navel
2. Bust: Measured on the front from armpit to armpit, at the widest point
3. Hips: Measure your circumference at the widest point below the navel
Almost all the models of rings and bracelets are adjustable (the rings thanks to a spring, the bracelets thanks to the meshes). For more information contact us.